I am Thou... Thou Art I...

Bonjour, mon amie! Comment ca va? You have reached Tara's Persona subdomain that houses all her lame Persona shrines, entitled Diarahan.com. Aptly named after one of the favourite healing spells, and the best single healing spell from the series, diarahan. It's kinda tiny at the moment, but expect this place to be filled up quite quickly. Persona has been one of my favourite video games series since I was in high school, so I'll be making lots of websites for it.

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Let's get started, shall we? The bigger images represent shrines already up; the smaller ones are ideas for the future or sites I'm currently working on.

Looking for layout credits? The first layout for the new domain features Makato Niijima in her official Persona 5 concept art! All texture credits go to Dearest. This layout is rather simple but it was my first black and white layout... ever!? So it was a lot of fun to make and code. I hope it's easy on the eyes.