Bonjour dearest visitor, and welcome to Revolutionary Girl—a tribute to the cute and relatable Ann Takamaki, from the hit JRPG, Persona 5. Ann is one of the first members of the Phantom Thieves. The depth of her character will be attempted to be Annalyzed in this shrine. This tribute also attempts to be as text-heavy and wordy as possible, while delving into the deep character of Ann. As with most of my shrines, there will be a lack of a media/images section.

All that said, navigation is at the bottom! Feel free to learn a bit more about Persona, or delve deeper into Ann herself. You can even check out the sitely information. I hope you enjoy your stay here. ♥


I knew exactly what image of Ann I wanted to use before I even thought of making this shrine. (It was originally going to be for Besaid.org but I decided to use Makoto instead since I planned to shrine Ann.) It's my favourite image of her and took a little bit of hunting to find. I decided to make it as a footer-centric layout for a bit of fun. It's rather simple, but it did take me sometime to perfect how I wanted the layout. The coding of it was a lot of accidental miracles to be honest! I'm really happy with it overall.

There are no credits this time around, as I didn't use any resources but what I had in PS. This layout was made in Photoshop CS2, coded in Brackets, and optimized for 1366x768px resolution in Google Chrome.