Greetings and salutations dearest visitor, and welcome to Telos—an in-depth and wordy tribute to the female protagonist from the hit JRPG, Persona 3 Portable. Otherwise dubbed Minako by English fans, and Hamuko by Japanese fans, this site attempts to analyse various elements of Persona 3 and its main, silent protagonist. While not having many active lines or voice overs, Hamuko has her own personality and part to play to the story, in contrast to her more introverted partner, Minato. Unlike my other Persona shrines, this one will be a bit less informative, and a lot more analytical and opinionated. As always, major spoilers lurk on nearly every single page, save for the introduction.

To be noted, I will be using the Japanese name Hamuko to refer to her. Not Minako.

Navigation is up top: please feel free to roam around and enjoy your stay. Be sure to check out the Persona section if you're unfamiliar with the series!

Re: Layout

This layout was made and designed by Larissa for Secret Santa! Thank you sooo much! It features an official artwork of Hamuko that I really like. Larissa did a great job y'all, and I'm glad to have a new shiny layout for this shrine.

Texture credits go to namikazes, mixsourcers, winryrockbells, and lovelytrash.org (defunct).