Howdy ho, and welcome! to Canary—a text-based tribute to Mitsuru Kirijo, who reigns from the hit JRPG franchise Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3! Born into riches and high society, Mitsuru has a tendency to speak random french and has trouble understanding basic human communication. She is serious and determined to a fault, and also one of the first characters you'll end up meeting, much like Yukari. This shrine attempts to explore the character of Mitsuru, going as in-depth and wordy as possible. As with all my shrines and tributes, there will be a lack of anything media related (galleries, images, music, etc.). What you will find here, however, is a ridiculous amount of text and rambling!

Navigation is at the top—you can learn about the Persona [3] series, as well as Mitsuru herself, before delving into the very long and rambling essays. If you would like information on the site itself, that is also kickin' around.

All that said, please enjoy your stay!

about the layout

This layout is meant to match with my Yukari layout, so I did the exact same thing I did with it, trying multiple times to maintain a similar colour scheme but no no avail. After hours of deciding I finally stuck with this one. It also took me a long time to decide which image of Mitsuru I wanted to use. Despite not looking like much, this layout took the longest out of any I've ever made. Never again.

Pattern credits go to Cocorini. Everything else was done by me, using Photoshop and Notepad++. It is best viewed in Google Chrome, in at least a 800x600px resolution.