light reflects from your shadow;
    it is more than i thought could exist

Greetings and salutations dear visitor, and welcome to Angels—a tiny tribute to one of my favourite fictional ships, Yukari and Mitsuru, or YukaMitsu. These two wonderful ladies hail from the Persona franchise, though more specifically from Persona 3 and all its spin-offs. As this couple is not canon, this site will host a lot of opinionated essays, headcanons, and speculation. Despite that they're not canon, Yukari and Mitsuru remain one of my favourite couples that I love to see together. I'm such a huge fan of both characters individually, which is why they both have their own section!

As of right now, the Yukari section will lead you to a small page, eventually leading you to my Yukari shrine! One day I'll get around to making a Mitsuru shrine to complete this site. But for now, you can learn all about Mitsuru at this place.

Navigation is up top: please feel free to roam around and enjoy your stay. Be sure to check out the Intro section if you're unfamiliar with the Persona series!

Re: Layout

I love this layout so much!! It's so pink. The fanart used is one of my absolute favourites from, again, one of my favourite fanartists! I cut out the hearts in the image and just spammed it with textures... like always... It was a lot of fun though! I was originally going to use another image of a more intense kissu but I decided against it. ;*

Texture credits go to AWMP, and Anne Pearl. Patterns used in the background are made by both Dearest, and Cocoroni! The fanart in the layout is made by Nyamcattt, and is used with permission. (Thank you Nilam!!) Everything else was done by me, using Photoshop CS6, Dremweaver CS6, and Notepad++. It is best viewed in Google Chrome, in at least a 800x600px resolution.