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Mitsuru Kirijo is a senior student attending Gekkoukan High School. Next to being next of kin in line for the Kirijo Group's presidency, Mitsuru is also the most popular girl in school, as well as president of the Student Council. Because of her position in high society, Mitsuru comes off as very mature for age: she's serious to a fault and has a hard time opening up to anyone. She was the very first member of S.E.E.S., later joined by Akihiko and Shinjiro, which makes her the group's leader, albeit this is a role she passes on to the protagonist. Mitsuru is one of the first characters you will meet, but doesn't open up very much until later. A lot of students and members of S.E.E.S. alike look up to her as a role model because of her natural ability as a leader.

Much of Mitsuru ambitions and personality queues aren't seen for quite some time. Despite what gender you play as, Mitsuru's Social Link can only be unlocked after you max out your Academics. If you are able to flesh out her Social Link, it becomes increasingly apparent Mitsuru does not understand how to function like a normal teenager: she's been so ingrained into high society that she's seemingly unaware of a lot of normal social queues for teenagers, and instead has focused all her time into Student Council and her studies, not allowing much time for interaction with other people. She has a hard time understanding things that come easy to the rest, but should the protagonist continue the Link, she comes to understand with their help.

Mitsuru seems to open a bit more once she is able to be honest about her intentions of staying with S.E.E.S. Every member has their own reason, and Mitsuru's is one of guilt and perhaps selflessness: she fights for her father.

While Mitsuru is first not able to fight in battle and instead provides back-up, when Fuuka joins, she will take to the front-lines. She uses a rapier as a weapon, which, while not very strong in terms of damage, does have more potential than the bow and arrow. Her Persona skills focus mainly on inflicting status ailments like Charm, and has access to Bufu magic. She has one of the highest Magic stats in the game.

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Fun Facts

  • In the English version of Persona 3, Mitsuru will often insert random French in her sentences: in Japanese, she uses English.
  • According to Shigenori Soejima, Mitsuru is the most popular character among the development staff.
  • In Persona 4 Golden, if Yukiko has the Gekkoukan Uniform equipped, she will mimic Mitsuru's victory pose after battle, as well as say Mitsuru's lines.
  • If a cheat is used, Mitsuru will comment on it.