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Boring site information, yahoo. We'll start off with links and link buttons!

Persona Links

Note: ♥ denotes an affiliate, while an * denotes a shrine that belongs to me.

In Harmony Paint it Black Undefeated Innocent Mischief Rising Idol
Heart of Glass Defining Hero Hot Fuzz Transience Eclipse
Duality Affinity * Telos * Canary * Roaring Dragon *

Link in buttons

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Without a doubt, this shrine could not exist if not for the following:

  • Atlus - for making amazing games and bringing them over to North America!
  • Wikipedia - for information on the Aswer that I forgot.
  • P3P Official Website - for official story information.
  • Nilam - for making lots of cute fanart that inpsired me to work on this!
  • And finally, I'd like to especially thank Samantha for inspiring me to keep working on the shrine!!