pink bows and scarlet arrows

Yukari Takeba is a second-year student, and one of the first characters you'll have a chance to meet. If playing through the female route, she's also one of the first Social Links you'll have a chance to explore. While Yukari may oftentimes be seen as quite hostile, she has her reasons. Being the most popular school in her grade has warranted her some wall building. While she does come off as friendly and inviting for the most part, Yukari is incredibly hesitant to let anyone behind her walls. Depending on the players actions, either the player or Mitsuru will be the first person to slide past those barriers.

Her personality comes in a lot of variants; while she's seen intially as very friendly, albeit maybe a bit cautious, Yukari has a backbone and a lot of confidence. No matter who she needs to confront, adult figurehead or senpai alike, Yukari does not back down when she knows something is afoot. Akihiko has accused her of having a kind of sixth-sense, which he claims is due to her activity with the Shadows, drawing it out. She seems to be able to tell when trouble is brewing, and when someone isn't being 100% honest with her.

Yukari's initial reason for joining S.E.E.S. is to find out the truth behind her father's death. Her father worked under the Kirijo Group when he was suddenly killed, and all traces as to why and how it happened were sanctioned away into secret, and covered up with fake headlines. Because of Mitsuru's connection to Kirijo, Yukari joined S.E.E.S. hoping that she would be able to get some answers.

In battle, she wields a bow and arrow. While this weapons allows her never to be susceptible to falling down if her attack misses, her attack will miss... a lot. Her weapon damage also isn't very powerful, but she makes up for this by having a great selection of healing spells and Garu magic. She's known as the game's primary healer.

Want to learn more about Yukari? Please visit my shrine to her, entitled Affinity!

Fun Facts

  • Yukari, in Japanese, means "affinity". It can also mean "beautiful pear tree".
  • Yukari appears as a palette swap for Chie Satonaka in Persona 4 Arena.
  • In Persona 4 Golden, if Chie has the Gekkoukan Uniform equipped, she will mimic Yukari's victory pose after battle, as well as say Yukari's lines.
  • Yukari and Lisa Silverman (Persona 2) share a lot of similarities.